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First steps are hard. It doesn't matter if it is the first steps into a 5K race, or the first steps to healthy eating and weight management. Those first few steps can seem impossible. It all comes down to making a decision to keep moving forward, to keep pursuing your goals.

Before you know it, you see changes, those miles become easier, that last repetition of squats wasn’t so bad. When our bodies become stronger and we fuel them with great nutrition, we become healthier overall and our outlook on life changes for the better. So go on, take those first steps towards a happier, healthier you. Give me a call, I’d love to guide you in your personal journey to fitness and health!



Coach Stacey is a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer as well as an ACE Certified Health Coach with a specialty in Sports Nutrition and Weight Managment. She is also proud to be a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Distance Running Coach and holds a USA Track & Field Accredited Running Coach Certification.

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